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Departures for Monday 12th April 2021

Skybus Departure Information - Monday 12th April 2021 ✈️
IOS 007St Marys08:15Departed
IOS 025St Marys09:35On time
IOS 015St Marys08:40On time
IOS 009St Marys08:20On time
IOS 007St Marys08:15On time
IOS 023St Marys09:30On time
IOS 013St Marys08:45On time
IOS 083St Marys15:55On time
IOS 053St Marys13:10On time
IOS 043St Marys11:15On time
IOS 063St Marys14:35On time
IOS 037St Marys10:50On time
IOS 065St Marys14:00On time
IOS 085St Marys15:50On time
IOS 099St Marys17:05On time
IOS 101St Marys17:10On time
IOS 033St Marys09:50On time
IOS 053St Marys13:15On time
IOS 053St Marys13:15On time
IOS 069St Marys14:15On time
IOS 069St Marys15:10On time
IOS 007St Marys08:15Cancelled
IOS 007St Marys08:15
IOS 085St Marys16:15
IOS 063St Marys14:35Departed
IOS 085St Marys16:15Closed
IOS 087St Marys16:15On time
IOS081St Marys15:30Closed
IOS 087St Marys16:15
IOS 027St Marys09:35
IOS 027St Marys09:35
St Marys
St Marys
IOS 059St Marys12:55On time
IOS 007St Marys08:15Departed
IOS 073St Marys14:30Departed
IOS 087St Marys16:15Check-in
IOS 087St Marys16:15Check-in
IOS 011St Marys08:30Departed
IOS 023St Marys09:30Departed
IOS 027St Marys09:45Departed
IOS 039St Marys11:00Departed
IOS 051St Marys12:20Departed
IOS 059St Marys12:55Departed
IOS 061St Marys13:30Departed
IOS 065St Marys14:00Departed
IOS 073St Marys14:30Departed
IOS 083St Marys15:35Departed
IOS 085St Marys15:50Departed
IOS 099St Marys17:01Departed
IOS 101St Marys17:10On time
IOS 103St Mary's17:20
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12/04/2021 at 13:41 Due to the recent announcement about the delay in dry docking Gry Maritha, we are now accepting large frozen and chilled goods to be shipped on the Gry on Wednesday 14th April. For details, please see:

12/04/2021 at 10:22 Scillonian III departed Penzance at 10:12. IOSTravelupdate photo

12/04/2021 at 08:23 Good morning, the first flights of the day are departing on time from Land's End Airport. IOSTravelupdate photo

10/04/2021 @ 09.50 Scillonian III departed Penzance at 09.31.

09/04/21 at 14:58 All Skybus flights are departing to schedule this afternoon.