Land's End Airport Neighbours

Neighbours of Land’s End Airport Noticeboard

Please see our noticeboard of information below for neighbours of, and those local to Land’s End Airport.

  • Culdrose Helicopter – Approx 22:45 on 16th Sept 2021:

    A Navy Helicopter is expected at Land’s End Airport as noted above for a short duration (10-20mins).

16/09/2021 @ 16:29. Scillonian III departed St Mary's at 16:15. IOSTravelupdate photo

16/09/2021 @ 10:25. The Following weather advisory has been issued for the Scillonian III on Friday 17th September.

16/09/2021 @ 09:37. Skybus flights have departed on time this morning.

16/09/2021 @ 09:32. Scillonian III departed Penzance at 09:03 this morning.

15/09/2021 @ 17:06. Scillonian III departed St Mary's at 16:22 this afternoon.