Land's End Airport Neighbours

Neighbours of Land’s End Airport Noticeboard

Please see our noticeboard of information below for neighbours of, and those local to Land’s End Airport.

15/01/2021 @ 16:02 This afternoons Skybus flights have departed on time.

Customer Noice, Gry Maritha – Early Departure from Penzance Quay, Monday 18th January 2021. For the full update please visit

15/01/2021 @ 08:54 The first of today's Skybus flights have departed on time.

14/01/2021 @ 08.32 Skybus' first flight of the day has departed on time from Land's End this morning. IOSTravelupdate photo

13/01/2021 @ 16:35 This afternoons Skybus flights are on time with no delays anticipated.