Flying to Scilly

Flying between Land's End & St. Mary's Airport

Booking In & Out 

Both Land’s End and St. Mary’s Airports are strictly PPR by completing our online form or telephone.

PPR form

Please ring us prior to your departure to obtain permission, pass relevant flight details and be briefed on weather and arrival procedures – Land’s End Airport ATC 01736 788944.

The Isles of Scilly are more than 10 miles from the mainland and you are advised to file a flight plan.

Booking information we need:

  • Callsign and Aircraft type
  • Does your aircraft have BARS?
  • POB (because we care!)
  • ETAs here and / or St.Mary’s
  • DME / GPS equipped? (helps us to select the transfer point)
  • Your planned crossing level.
  • Have you landed here or at St.Mary’s before? (so we can give any advice that might help)
  • How long are you staying (helps us to plan parking)
  • Are you refuelling? Avgas / Avtur?


Aviation fuel is not available at St.Mary’s Airport for non-commercial operators (only a very limited store of Jet A1 is kept), but Land’s End has both Avgas and Avtur available for all customers.

  • Please check prior to your flight we are able to supply fuel.
  • Refuel at Land’s End on your way out to the Isles of Scilly in case the weather deteriorates for your return journey and you’re unable to land.
  • The self-service Avgas pump at Land’s End Airport is located by the base of the control tower and instructions are displayed on the pump.
  • The Avtur bowser is parked by the hangar at Land’s End Airport. Refuelling is carried out on the concrete apron only. Please give us as much notice as possible for an Avtur refuel. You might have a short wait if the ground staff are handling one of our scheduled passenger aircraft.
  • Oil is available at the GA reception desk in the Skybus passenger terminal.

Land's End Radio Mandatory Zone (RMZ)

Land’s End, St.Mary’s and RNAS Culdrose ATC all share the responsibility for the RMZ and co-ordinate the traffic between one another.

The upper limit of the RMZ is 4000ft altitude. If you prefer to make your crossing above this, you may be transferred to either Culdrose or Newquay for a radar service.

The RMZ can be a busy piece of airspace. It is not Controlled Airspace but we try to maintain a safe combination of vertical and horizontal separation between known aircraft within it.
Commercial fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters are allocated levels in 500ft steps typically between the level range of 500ft to 2,000ft amsl.

The radio transfer point between Lands End and St.Mary’s is:

  • VOR/DME – 10 DME from the LND VOR/DME
  • GPS – 18nm from St. Mary’s
  • Visual Reference – Abeam Wolf Rock lighthouse on the S boundary

It is highly recommended that the EGHC UK AIP entry is included in your pre-flight breifing – the Key points are reproduced below:

Land's End RMZ Flight Procedures

Land’s End RMZ

  • Passenger carrying flights operating between Land’s End Airport, Penzance Heliport, Tresco Heliport and Scilly Isles / St Mary’s Aerodrome operate within airspace designated as an RMZ centred on a direct track from Land’s End to Scilly Isles from the SFC to 4000 FT ALT. Pilots intending to transit the Land’s End RMZ must comply with section 2 below.
  • Pilots intending to transit the Land’s End RMZ must contact either Culdrose ATC on 134.050 MHz, Land’s End ATC on 120.255 MHz (if approaching from the east) or St Mary’s ATC on 124.880 MHz (if approaching from the west), prior to entering. Pilots of aircraft transiting the Culdrose AIAA should contact Culdrose ATC on 134.050 MHz (Refer to AD 2-EGHC-3-1).
  • Aircraft operating under VFR may be asked to follow the Northern (R252 LND) route according to traffic and/or weather conditions in the Land’s End RMZ.

Land’s End RMZ Requirments

For flight within the Land’s Ends RMZ aircraft commanders must comply with one of the following:

  • Establish satisfactory two-way RTF communication with and pass pertinent flight details to ATC prior to entering the Land’s End RMZ and maintain two-way communication with ATC whilst operating within the Land’s End RMZ.
  • Conduct flight in accordance with valid Letter of Agreement.
  • Conduct flight in accordance with agreed tactical arrangements with either Land’s End ATC or St Mary’s ATC.